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 Interconnection Exchange (ICX):
IMAM NETWORK LTD is one of the pioneers conglomerate in private sector for providing ICX operations in Bangladesh with NGN (Next Generation Telecommunication Networks), The Company is providing services to ever expanding telecommunication network of the country.

Understand the ICX :

This is an ICX (Interconnection Exchange) Telecom Company in Bangladesh. The ICX has no subscriber and is not also directly connected with any overseas operator. So the traffic of IGW’s (International Gateway) and ANS’s (Access Network Services) is also the traffic of ICX’s. With the available data from BTRC and BTTB, it is observed that the total international traffic (both incoming & outgoing) ranges from 35 to 45 million paid minutes per day and the inter operator traffic is about 45 millions per day. There is still some dormant international traffic ranging from 3 to 4 million which is considered as illegal traffic. With the coordinated effort among the law enforcing agencies, the new IGW and ICX operators under the guide lines of BTRC, a considerable volume of illegal traffic can be routed back to the legal channel.

It can be assumed that international call will increase considerably every year due to the factors like increasing numbers of Bangladeshi expatriates outside the country. This will also help to enhance the domestic tele-density and increase the business activities. As one of the central hub of telecommunications of Bangladesh we undertake:

•Routing all international incoming calls received from International Gateway (IGW) and terminates up to the operator for both mobile and fixed lines.
•Routing all international outgoing calls received from the operator and terminates up to IGW.
•Routing all inter-operator calls within the country for both mobile and fixed lines.

Why ICX:

1. Improve Quality of service
2. Ensure balanced flow of Traffic among all operators.
3. Keeping records of all calls thereby helping GOVT to identify and monitor any calls.
4. Identifying, Monitoring & locating movement of miscreants / terrorists.
5. Stopping money laundering.
6. Help to reduce mobile phone stealing by implementing IMEI.
7. Enable number portability

Current Services:

• Routing / switching inter operator domestic calls.
• Providing Roaming call facilities.
• Offering connectivity infrastructure among IGW, ICX, ANS Operators and IPTSP.
• Routing / switching international calls between ANS and IGW operators.
• Generating Call Detail Records (CDR) for BTRC.
• Providing Data for National Monitoring Cell (NMC)

Future Services:

1). SMS, VMS or any other value added services if required by ANS operators.
2). Inter zonal transit services subject to the approval of Commission.
3). ENUM, IMEI and Number Portability services as and when directed by Commission.

ICX operator has to install and maintain EIR services for the ANS operators.